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Asian sorority campus' 1st

Oct. 3, 2000




Social sorority Alpha Kappa Delta Phi was chartered Monday as the first Asian sorority on campus.

'We've been on campus for about three years now,' said Margaret Medina, treasurer of the sorority and a Houston senior. 'It's exciting that were just now getting chartered because the chartering process has been long and tedious.'

The purpose of the sorority is to promote sisterhood, scholarship, leadership and Asian awareness at the university and in the community while encouraging individual expression.

'Our charter class started Alpha Kappa Delta Phi because they wanted to find an outlet for Asian-American women and also spread Asian-American awareness throughout campus,' said Sandra Kim, president of the sorority and a Galveston senior.

Alpha Kappa Delta Phi will host or be a part of many service projects this year, including one focusing on breast cancer awareness.

'This month we will have a table in the SUB and will sell pins and ribbons and handout pamphlets about breast cancer,' said Brinda Patel, a Decatur senior and the Alpha Kappa Delta Phi academic chair.

The organization is also included with other groups' awareness projects.

'We involve ourselves in a lot of Asian activities like the Vietnamese Student Association's Autumn Moon Festival and the Asian Festival sponsored by the Asian Student Association,' Kim said.

Now that Baylor recognizes the group, it will try to further seek recognition.

'Our national board is working on getting Alpha Kappa Delta Phi nationally recognized under the Panhellenic Council,' Kim said.

Even though they weren't chartered last year, they ranked fifth among organizations that performed the most community service.

Alpha Kappa Delta Phi extends their diversity to more than what the name implies.

'You don't have to be Asian to be in our sorority,' Kim said. 'We're not just a social sorority; it goes deeper than that.'

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