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Music provides relief to pressures of life

Nov. 19, 1999

The creative expression of words is translated through music which can clearly express subtle human emotions.

As a child I learned to play the piano, but it seemed like such a chore to me then. Now I play the piano at every opportunity. There is so much difference in just listening to music and to compose one's own.

'There is so much music created today that expresses anger, and to some degree it's necessary. I choose not to do that. Rather, I try to inspire people and help them get in a frame of mind where they appreciate, and even enjoy, the world they live in . . . with all its problems,' said Yanni Chrysomallis.

Music is the common ground where each generation meets. Almost everyone listens to music and it becomes a part of their lives. Music has the ability to express feelings which seem impossible to express with just words. It is a means for people to express themselves through rhythm and harmony.

Each individual is different and unique, but music is the bridge that can connect the cultures, providing a common basis for communication. The world is such a noisy place, there is the simplicity of music that allows people to connect to music and look at life in a different perspective. Music is a necessity in a child's life. It is a fact that children who are exposed to music early on in life are known to do much better academically than those who are not exposed.

Whenever I am stressed or upset, to sit and play the piano or just listen to music relieves stress and dissolves anger or frustration. With music comes the ability to convey emotional messages with unlimited words and lyrics.

Esther Kim is a junior journalism major from Fort Worth.