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Professors giving cheating students good moral lesson

Nov. 19, 1999

After witnessing the number of plagiarism cases increase over the years, college professors are now using the Internet to fight back against students trying to get through school without spending the time or effort to write a research paper.

Three Web sites now provide a place for professors to check suspected plagiarism cases against papers posted on the Internet.

Although the Internet posting services are unlikely to become commonplace, their existence should at least put a seed of doubt in the mind of students who would potentially pay more than $100 for work they should do themselves.

Anyone who would cheat themselves out of the research and critical thinking skills of writing a research paper has little understanding of the purpose of a university. Students at Baylor and colleges and universities worldwide are where they are to learn how to think. Writing research papers teaches students how to make assertions and then support them with fact. It's a simple, yet lacking skill for many.

Writing your own research papers and citing sources accurately also is the only way to stay within the university's honor system.

Hopefully, the professors' new weapon against plagiarism will prove to bite as big as it barks.