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BSM to join in on Neighborhood Fun Fest

Nov. 19, 1999

By Kristen Stromberg


The Baptist Student Ministries (BSM) is teaming up with Emmanuel Baptist Church on Nov. 20 for an all-day Neighborhood Fun Fest. The event is taking place to bring the surrounding community to the church.

'Most of the members of our church drive in from other neighborhoods. The majority of the neighborhood is unreached and predominately Hispanic,' said Randy Hughes, pastor of Emmanuel Baptist. 'We want to open our doors and reach out to them with the gospel message.'

This is the first time the BSM is taking part in a local community activity like this one.

'The staff at the BSM wanted to get a community ministry project together. We contacted Randy Hughes and came up with this idea,' Kim Hightower, missions intern for the BSM, said. 'This is a great opportunity to be manpower for the church to get the neighborhood involved.'

The Fun Fest will start at 2 p.m. on the grounds of Emmanuel Baptist Church on the corner of 18th and Dutton. There will be a children's carnival including face painting, hayrides and puppet shows. The event will also feature a clothing closet give-away, where families can gather clothing for children and adults.

From 4:30 to 6 p.m., there will be a free dinner on the grounds with entertainment from the Baylor Religious Hour Choir (BRH).

'I will be singing on Saturday with the BRH, and I am really excited about it,' said Jeff Elkins, a Cockeysville, Md., junior and member of BRH. 'This is a great idea that the BSM is doing. It is a good time to leave Baylor and reach out to the community.'

There will also be free movie showings of The Jesus Film for the adults in both English and Spanish, while the children enjoy a youth rally and a basketball tournament.

'We are expecting several hundred people to come out with their families because of the free meal, clothes and movie,' Hughes said. 'We are more than pleased to have Baylor students participate in the community like this.'

Hightower said the BSM is doing this in hopes that after the Fun Fest, Emmanuel Baptist will be able to continue reaching out to the neighborhood and follow-up with the contacts made around their community.

'Emmanuel Baptist has started a literary mission which has helped bring people into their church and have had some neat witnessing opportunities,' Hightower said. 'We are glad to be a part of this opportunity.'

The Fun Fest will last until 8 p.m., and all Baylor students are welcome to participate.