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Letters to the Editor

Nov. 18, 1999

'Lariat' personnel, student government officials should learn about integrity

To the Baylor student body,

Most importantly I apologize for using my power entrusted to us, your student government, to further our own feeble personal agendas and personal vendettas. In turn, I criticize those members of Student Congress who disgrace the organization through corruption, backstabbing and slander. I wish that as a representative of the students I could say that our organization works vehemently to serve and improve the quality of education here at Baylor. Rather, certain members focus on elections they did not win, people they do not like or an agenda they to fulfill.

I plead to Student Congress that you turn your focus away from criticism of a president who has accomplished so much.

Instead, concentrate on the students' needs. You are wasting the time of the majority of Congress who conduct themselves in a respectable manner and hold their offices with integrity and desire to serve.

I would also like to address the journalistic integrity of the Lariat. Does the editor not realized that Erin Gullickson lost the presidential election? Have the numerous negative articles, which she has no doubt been instrumental in creating and coercing, not been a clue to her misconduct?

In my limited understanding of journalism, shouldn't any article written be unbiased, without opinion and purely based on fact? I hope the staff writers, reporters and editors of the Lariat reeducate themselves and hopefully begin to conduct themselves in a manner that better represents our fine institution of Baylor.

Matt Burchett

Telecommunications '01

Fall break,driving bill is proof in pudding

Students of Baylor, what is wrong with you? The outlash this week against our Student Body President Jon Rolph is astounding. Let us not forget that this past spring we elected Jon Rolph because we believed he would do the best job in representing us on campus. Not only has he done his job to this point he has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

The first thing he had to deal with in his first semester as president was the death of seven students due to drowsy driving. He handled this situation with the upmost integrity with which we should all be proud of. Through this situation he started the campaign for discounted hotel rates throughout the state for college students.

He also gave the students of Baylor something that everyone has been wanting but no one has been able to accomplish -- a fall break. President Sloan said if it wasn't for Jon Rolph we would never have had a fall break so we should thank him for that. These are just a couple of the examples of how Jon Rolph has had quite possibly

As for this latest event this week that has left many people calling Jon Rolph incompetent I ask one question: Are you kidding me?

First off, Jon did not do anything that violated the constitution which is what we were left to assume after the article in The Baylor Lariat. The fact that he honestly overlooked the that excerpt in the Constitution that said freshmen could not be on court only shows that he is human. By the way, I guess it doesn't matter that the Director of Student Activities Dub Oliver also overlooked it too, because how much fun would it be to humiliate an adult.

Let's clear everything up. When Jon Rolph realized that the freshmen were ineligible he called R.J. Sikes, who is responsible for interviewing the nominees, and told him what had happened and offered to give two more eligible names as long as the Constitution provided for it. R.J. decided to stab Rolph in the back and go to the Lariat and turn this little mistake into a campus-wide frenzy.

Lance Lawson Telecommunications '02

Slander no tribute to President Rolph

In regard to the innocent mistake that Jon made in nominating two freshmen to Student Court, the process he went through to correct the mistake was very commendable: he recognized the problem, he took full responsibly for the problem, he apologized, and he took the appropriate actions to correct his mistake. Is it necessary to publicize his mistake in a three columned article in the Lariat?

When he ran for this position, he promised the student body that he would make things happen. Jon has made more things happen for Baylor this semester alone than many past Presidents have done in their combined terms.

You can bet that when students are relaxing next October during their Fall Break, you won't hear many students complaining about Jon Rolph.

In regards to the innocent mistake that Jon made in nominating two freshman to Student Court, the process he went through to correct the mistake was very commendable: he recognized the problem, he took full responsibly for the problem, he apologized, and he took the appropriate actions to correct his mistake. Is it necessary to publicize his mistake in a three columned article in the Lariat?

In order for student government to work effectively, the backstabbing must come to an end. The Lariat, the members of student government, and all of the students at Baylor must recognized the importance of supporting our Student Body President.

Expecting Jon to know every article, section, and paragraph of the Student Government Constitution is unreasonable. Is every member of Student Congress aware of every detail of the constitution that they swore to upon their inauguration? I suspect that not every member does; however, this does not make them poor delegates in the same fashion as this does not make Jon a poor president. I feel that Jon should be able to depend on the members of Student Congress to back him, and correct him in a positive fashion in the same way they depend on Jon to do the same. Jon's loyalty should be reciprocated.

Jill Foster

Nursing '02

University's internet technology is aging

I want to applaud Chris Allen's article entitled 'Increased Volume, Attachments Saturate Bearmail System,' in which he discussed Baylor's current email problems. However, it isn't just email that Baylor is having trouble with. It is obvious to me that most of Baylor's computer systems are far too slow, lacking both adequate bandwidth to the Internet as well as powerful email and Web servers. This is why it takes four hours to receive email messages. Therefore, the university needs to add bandwidth to our Internet backbone connection and upgrade email and web servers.

Without these upgrades, our university will become increasingly unable to maintain a strong presence on the Net. What is a Web surfer going to think when he clicks on a link to Baylor and it takes several minutes to load? Surely, he will click the back button without viewing Baylor's Web pages. Is this a goal of the university, to turn off potential students, faculty, and staff? In the university goals for 1998-1999, Baylor makes a statement to the contrary. Baylor states that one of its goals is to 'Improve the opportunities for all faculty, staff, and students to have access to appropriate technology in their work.' However, we are not able to accomplish this goal because our computer systems don't have the power and high-speed redundant Internet connections necessary. Our communication servers are far slower than equivalent systems at UT, A&M, and Texas Tech. Baylor needs to realize that as web sites include more multimedia and interactivity, more is bandwidth is required. The university must plan now in order to stay ahead of today's fast paced technology.

Ian Wann

Computer Science '00