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'Political Malice'

Nov. 18, 1999

'Childish, vindictive' fliers

inflate insignificant issues

When Student Body President Jon Rolph announced his appointees to the Student Court at the Nov. 11 Student Congress meeting, two of his appointees, Rene Rodriguez, a Midland freshman, and BJ Johnson, an Alpharetta, Ga., freshman, were not eligible for the court. The Baylor Constitution states that nominees must have been at the university for two full semesters prior to appointment.

Impeach Jon Rolph? As evidenced by Wednesday's absurd and multiplicitous fliers, someone wants this to happen. But why? Why take a mistake and blow it out of proportion, turning it into the crime of the century? There is no reason to take an incident like this and flood the campus with vindictive feelings and political malice.

Student government should be a group that serves the campus, not a political machine. Posting such fliers is childish and irrational.

Rolph is our student body president. He made a mistake, so let him fix it and brush up on his rules, and let us all move on. While he may carry seemingly greater responsibilities than many of us, their overall importance in the grand scheme of things is certainly not greater.

Student government is just that, not the Supreme Ruling Council of all Galaxies. Its members will slip up and hopefully clean up the mess accordingly, so please, relax and move on to fighting bigger and more important battles