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Student government sets up survey to gain insight, input

Nov. 18, 1999

Government focusing

on 'student needs,'

one member says


Staff Writer

Input on issues such as guest use of the Student Life Center, academic breaks, and the use of Bear Bucks are what student government is looking during its annual Student Life Survey, which is being held this week.

'We're focusing on student needs,' said Dallas senior Grant Walsh, chair of the student life committee.

'The purpose of the Student Life Survey is to find out what issues are most important to students, and then we use that information to make positive changes for the Baylor students.'

Walsh said Fall Break, copy machines in dorm lobbies, the Brazos Trolley system and Web registration are all results of data gained from the surveys.

Jon Rolph, a Wichita, Kan., junior and student body president, said the survey gives Student Congress ideas on what to do.

'It gives us direction on what bills to write and what issues to pursue,' he said.

Rolph said the administration takes the survey seriously.

'They really respect any input from students, and especially in an organized manner,' Rolph said. 'The administration here really values the students and are willing to work with them and for them on issues.'

Rolph said the number of survey participants has grown every year.

Angela Adams, a Dallas senior, said she planned to take the survey to express her opinion on the Student Life Center. She said she would like to see parking addressed.

'I think the parking is really, really bad for how much we have to pay for a decal,' Adams said.

Joanna Cattanach, a Blum freshman, said she would like to see other issues addressed.

'Tuition, visiting hours in the dorms and the disgusting rate of parking stickers [should be addressed],'