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'Inept' BU offense leads to 37-0 loss

Nov. 16, 1999


Sports Editor

With the announced attendance just a shade more than 25,000 and 80-degree weather that felt more like 95 degrees for the fans at Floyd Casey, the Baylor football team lost 37-0 to the Colorado Buffaloes Saturday.

The Bears have lost 12 straight games against conference foes and are now 3-28 since the formation of the Big 12.

According to head Coach Kevin Steele, the Bears simply continued in the direction they have travelled in the past several weeks on both sides of the ball. The partial bright side for the team continued to be the defense, which had its moments, and the dark side remained the offense and special teams.

'The rebuilding process is still at work, and it's not very pretty yet,' Steele said. '[We experienced] special teams breakdowns. [We were] inept on offense, and [players] had spurts on defense where they fought, and fought hard to try to make plays happen, but we got worn down late in the game. The thing we have to do is not lose our fight or our focus.'

By the number alone, the Bears' offensive fight was weak in comparison to that of the Buffaloes. Baylor scratched and clawed its way to 114 total yards on offense while Colorado seemed to walk its way to 493, almost 100 more than the team's season average.

In his final Baylor homecoming game, usual starting quarterback senior Jermaine Alfred got minimal minutes of playing time. Steele substituted Alfred with junior Odell James just before the end of the first quarter. The score was already 14-0 at that point.

'It was just a gut feeling that I had,' he said. 'I just went with the gut feeling. They were loading up and pressuring us at the right time...and not allowing us to run. I thought the only way we would be able to [run] would be to get out on the edge and I thought he best

facilitated that. It was a gut decision.'

James and Alfred combined for four completions on 19 attempts and gained 40 yards. Sophomore Mike Odum did make an appearance late in the game but was unable to connect with anyone. James said he was surprised at his early appearance on Saturday, but was glad that he had a chance to try to spark the team.

'It's bad to lose 37-0 on homecoming, but that is just the type of season we've been having,' he said. 'This hurts a lot. I almost teared up in the locker room, but I just have to stay strong for the team and be a leader out there. This is my second-to-last game that I am going to play at this stadium, and it was hard for me.'

The difficulty that the Bears had on offense was only made to look worse by the high numbers that the Buffs accomplished. Senior quarterback Mike Moschetti went 19 for 27 with 214 yards and one touchdown toss. He also ran the ball nine times for 41 yards. Leading the way on the ground was redshirt freshman Vince Reed who had 56 yards on 17 carries. Baylor's leading rusher was James, who gained 46 yards on seven carries.