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Stunning Scenes

Nov. 16, 1999

High-definition movie a brilliant Baylor investment

Last weekend Baylor premiered A Most Significant Journey, the high-definition wonder that chronicles the university during perhaps its most exciting weekend, homecoming.

Directed by Fred W. Miller and Randall Paris Dark, the film uses the cutting edge of technology to capture the spirit of Baylor. Beginning next year, President Robert B. Sloan Jr. will travel nationally, presenting the film to alumni and potential students.

Without a doubt, the film is a victory for Baylor. As the film is shown around the country and on television stations beginning to dabble with high-definition programming, the university will receive attention from a previously untapped group of people. The stunning visuals in the film are sure to draw a wealth of positive publicity for Baylor.

But perhaps the most impressive and redeeming quality about the film is the high-definition equipment and technology. A Most Significant Journey was filmed entirely in high definition, and will be presented to audiences using a state-of-the-art projector and a custom-built 18-foot by 32-foot screen.

The images from the projector are strikingly clear--they represent a window to the future of television and film.

A Most Significant Journey manifests the telecommunication department's 10 years of hard work in the innovative field of HDTV. The department will be one step ahead of the rest as the broadcast industry increasingly adapts HDTV into its markets. This step ahead is just as valuable a marketing tool as the film. People who see the film will be impressed with Baylor not only for its rich tradition, but also for its willingness to take a chance on brand new innovations in the field of film making.

Technology and the beauty of Baylor's campus join hands to paint a gorgeous picture of life at Baylor in A Most Significant Journey. The film can be a source of pride not only for those who produced it, but also students and faculty who learn and work at Baylor every day.