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KWBU gets 'fresh new feel' with newly updated Web site

Nov. 16, 1999



A recent facelift to the KWBU Internet home page has increased the university station's accessibility by providing listeners an improved Web site, where they can listen to live broadcasts, access staff and DJ pages and post personal feedback.

'It [the Web site] has a fresh, new feel. It has a new and improved approach to web design,' said Megan Harris, KWBU program director and junior telecommunications major from San Antonio.

The old KWBU Web site was created by the previous program director, but Ario Jafarzadeh, a senior computer science major and telecommunications minor from Houston, is the new Internet director. He oversees the Web site and keeps it updated.

He and a staff of four students currently enrolled in the telecommunications course in audio production taught by Frank Fallon, technical director for radio and television, have been working on the Web site since the beginning of this semester. However, the site was not fully operational until mid-October.

'We wanted to give it a completely different look. It's completely revamped,' Jafarzadeh said.

The new Web site,, incorporates Java script, Real Audio and MP3 technology to provide its visitors with an improved, more interactive site.

'KWBU is probably the first college station to use MP3 technology. We have access to technology that other schools would never have,' Jafarzadeh said.

The new Web site has also produced a larger listening audience for the radio station.

'Because of the Internet, I get people from England listening to my show,' Jafarzadeh said.

Jafarzadeh's music segment, Metronome, focuses on electronic radio, which is popular in Europe.

As well as listening to live broadcasts from the student-run radio station, visitors from all over the world can also view a weekly schedule of programming, including DJ names and the types of music they will play during their segments.

Fans of 'Radio Free Waco' also have the opportunity to voice their comments and questions about KWBU and the Web site itself through the guestbook or the feedback form.

The feedback form allows visitors to answer a listener survey and enter questions and comments on a more private level. The survey provides KWBU with a better understanding of who its listeners are and what they want to hear from the radio station.

Another new addition to the Web site is the specialty shows page. The page focuses on special music segments and includes links to DJ home pages.

Some links found on the page include the Texas Music Café Web site, Planeta X (the Web site for the Latin pop/rock radio show) and the Hip-Hop Shutdown.

Future plans for the Web site include semester overhauls and the addition of Flash technology, an advanced form of computer animation.

'We're going to try to stay on the cutting edge of technology,' Jafarzadeh said.