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Football team joins in bonfire, pep rally fun

Nov. 12, 1999



Traditional songs, chants and a bright blaze will fill the air beginning at 9 tonight at Fountain Mall when the Baylor Homecoming pep rally and bonfire take place. Along with many other homecoming events, the pep rally and bonfire are 90-year-old traditions.

The Baylor Chamber of Commerce began working on the pep rally and bonfire last semester, and the job is almost complete.

The wood has been collected, and the members of the freshman class are getting ready to guard the eternal flame. This is the first flame lit for the bonfire, and freshmen must guard the flame for three days.

A special addition to this year's pep rally and bonfire is the attendance of head football Coach Kevin Steele and the football team. According to Jerry Pickle, director of football operations, scheduling conflicts prevented the team from attending in past years. Both the Baylor Chamber of Commerce and members of the team are pleased about this change.

'We are very excited to have Coach Steele and the players attend,' said Chip Anthony, member of the Baylor Chamber of Commerce.

Attending the pep rally and bonfire will also allow the football team to participate in a homecoming event other than the game.

'Going to the pep rally and bonfire will give us a different edge on Homecoming because we get to see all of the excitement and spirit. We haven't really seen this aspect before,' said senior cornerback Curtis Henderson.

There are other highlights of the event as well. Dr. Steven G.W. Moore, vice president of student life, will be the master of ceremonies for the pep rally and bonfire. Dr. Todd Lake, university chaplain, will conduct the invocation and President Robert Sloan Jr. will speak.

Also in attendance will be the Baylor Golden Wave Marching Band, yell and song leaders and the Baylor Religious Hour Choir. Each of these groups will perform for students and alumni.

'We expect about 10,000 people, including students and alumni to attend,' said Brian Randecker, pep rally and bonfire chairman.

Aramark Dining Services will also sell a variety of food and drinks.

The new additions and events have caused much anticipation for the pep rally and bonfire.

'This is the first time the football team has attended in years, many new faculty members will speak, and the freshman have the opportunity to participate and experience this traditional event,' Randecker said.