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Bears win exhibition 101-64

Nov. 12, 1999

Coach says team

'needs to work

on some things'


Staff Writer

After going 0-16 in last year's Big 12 Conference regular season, a win against any team would please the Bears, and that's what Baylor got Thursday night against Bluechip America at the Ferrell Center, 101-64.

Senior guard Tevis Stukes made his return to the team after quitting mid-way through last season and led the Bears in scoring with 28 points.

Stukes and his teammates are apparently enjoying what new head Coach Dave Bliss has brought to the program.

'The chemistry that Coach Bliss is bringing to the team, everyone excepts the chemistry that he's bringing, and we're just excepting our roles,' Stukes said.

Junior guard DeMarcus Minor agreed.

'The real strength of this team is our attitude . . . there is never any doubting [of]'s all encouragement,' he said.

Junior forward Terry Black and freshman guard Wendell Greenleaf came in behind Stukes with 13 points each, and senior center Ben Echols scored 12.

Bliss knows the team has a way to go in preparing for tougher competition in the Big 12.

'What we have to do is get better--that team came out and played hard, and we appreciate them doing that...we have to work on some things,' Bliss said.

Both the players and Bliss said that the defense needs to improve and they will work on that in the nine days before regular season play begins.

While the game was only an exhibition, Bliss knows the value of winning, whether it counts or not.

After the game, he said he told the team to cheer a little.