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Letter to the Editor

Nov. 12, 1999

Evaluate candidates on true issues, choose best delegate for your values

It has recently come to my attention with the presidential election coming up how important it is to know the candidates. We need this information to make an educated decision about who will be leading our country for the next four years. A question has arisen in my research. Can we ever really know who these people are and what they stand for? They all seem to give off the persona, 'I will tell you what you want to hear and not a whole lot else.'

I pose this question-- what should we need to know about the candidates for president?

First and foremost, we should want to know what they could do to make our country a better place. Will our choice be a strong and honest leader? I will have to say our current president has been extremely good for our country. Even though he is not all that good of a person, he has taken our country and made it a better place for the common man.

Secondly, take into consideration what type of person you want to have making the decisions on how our country is run. This is where I feel our current president is lacking. He has brought scandal after scandal into the White House from 'White Water' to Monica Lewinski. This has not only given other countries reasons to look down upon the United States, but it has taken away from what truly needs to be done in the country.

I feel a person should not be scrutinized to the point where every flaw is known from the past. We still have to question does this person have the moral values to do what is right and just for our country. One candidate has already been dragged through the mud over a question of his past drug use. Should this question be addressed? Yes, but it should be addressed more towards does he have a problem now and not dig something up from ancient past.

Finally, the candidate you choose should agree with your moral and ethical backing. This is more of a personal preference rather than a concrete bias.

It is urgent that we all research and take a more active role in the decision making processes in our country. Too often we take for granted the great privileges we have in a country where we have free thought and the ability to express those thoughts. So I urge each citizen to go out and truly find the person you believe is best fit for the job, and express yourself and your thoughts by at least voting.

Jason Starnes

Mathematics '01