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What Matters Most

Nov. 12, 1999

Make family, not football, the heart of homecoming

While our football team's season thus far has not been what many of us hoped it would be, we always hope for a victorious Baylor Homecoming game.

Many of us feel that, with the spirit of homecoming and the general good vibe emanating from the campus, our team could be propelled miraculously to a win at Floyd Casey.

But if we don't win, will that same good feeling turn bitter and melt away? It shouldn't. Don't build the spirit of one of Baylor's greatest weekends around four hours.

Take this time instead to enjoy the opportunity to share your lives here at Baylor with family members, friends and alumni who are not here every day to experience college life with you.

Busy schedules do not permit many of us to go home on the weekends, and we are resigned to a few e-mails and hurried phone calls on Sunday evening.

Use this weekend to make up for lost time. Take your parents, your big and little siblings to all your usual hangouts. Share Pigskin and the bonfire and coffee at Common Grounds afterward.

Sit (or stand) together at the football game, and enjoy teaching mom and dad the fight song and the alma mater.

In reality, though we want every part of Baylor to make our family proud that they've sent us here (along with their money), they're just happy to be able to know how we're doing and what we're up to.

Basing the outcome of homecoming on the outcome of this weekend's football game is not a way to enjoy ourselves. Take advantage of the chance to get to know your family better, and show off the friends you've made and the adventures you've found yourself in.

But it wouldn't hurt to scream and cheer till your lungs burst on Saturday afternoon. It's good to let the team know the Baylor family cares about them, too