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Book society seeks donations

Nov. 12, 1999



At a time when alumni, students and faculty are celebrating Baylor during Homecoming weekend, some choose to remember their alma mater by donating money to the Baylor Book Society.

The Baylor Book Society was created in November 1996 to provide endowments for the library to purchase new books and stay on the cutting edge in providing electronic information systems.

'Donors can give in tax-deductible $500 increments, and for every $500 that we receive, one book is purchased annually with the interest,' said John Wilson, library development coordinator.

Donors may choose what kind of book to be purchased with the interest from the money they donated.

'If someone has a love for novels, or if someone was an education major and has a love for children's books, that person can specify that they would like for one of those books to be purchased,' said Wilson, who founded the society.

This endowment fund is a unique way for people to give back to Baylor.

'The beauty of it is that this allows people to give to Baylor in a way that everyone will see and use. Almost every student comes to the library at some point, and active alumni can also use the library, therefore many people see these gifts,' Wilson said.

At this point, there are approximately 250 donors, and $94,000 has been donated to the fund. Members include President Robert B. Sloan Jr. and Chancellor Herbert H. Reynolds, as well as library employees.

Wilson read about endowment funds in a journal and adopted the idea.

'I borrowed this idea from Davidson College in North Carolina and adapted it to fit Baylor, and it has worked beautifully,' Wilson said.

Alumni can make a donation as a memorial or in honor of someone.

'A donation over $3,000 was made in memory of a girl who attended Baylor in the 1970s by her family, friends and sorority sisters last year at Homecoming. Her family was there, which made it really special and a great way to remember their friend,' Wilson said.

To recognize the donations, individual plaques are hung in the Moody-Jones Corridor, and smaller plaques are given to the donor. A bookplate with the donor's and honorees' names are placed inside the front cover of the book purchased.