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Campus groups cater to alumni during weekend

Nov. 12, 1999



Homecoming events have already begun, including Pigskin Revue and the crowning of the homecoming queen and her court, but the main purpose of homecoming is for alumni.

Many different organizations have planned events aimed toward returning alumni, and a large majority of those alumni are members of fraternities and sororities.

Virtually every fraternity and sorority on campus has events that take place every year for their alumni.

David Sullivan, Kappa Omega Tau member and Richardson junior, is looking forward to the turnout of returning graduates this year.

'We are anticipating a lot of alumni to come in,' Sullivan said. 'A majority of our members have family who are alumni, and they will all be coming in.'

Sullivan also said there will be an annual alumni cookout after the football game at the Baylor Baseball Pavilion.

'The cookout allows alumni to get to know the new members and also to see how far we have come in the fraternity,' Sullivan said.

Kappa Omega Tau will be participating in Pigskin Revue and will also have a float in the homecoming parade.

'A lot of the alumni will come out after our performance at Pigskin to see what we have done with the float,' Sullivan said. 'That is also something that we are proud of, to showcase to them.'

Delta Delta Delta will be hosting its annual alumni breakfast at 7:30 a.m. Saturday in Barfield Drawing Room.

Rhandi Bobo, Delta Delta Delta member and Fort Worth senior, said the breakfast allows alumni to get to know the new members.

'A lot of older members come back for this event,' Bobo said. 'All our girls will be there, but the event is primarily for the alumni.'

Cindy Segura, a Delta Delta Delta alumna and graduate student from Waco, is organizing the events for the weekend.

'Invitations were sent out to every graduate, and last year we had about 150 alumni turn out. We are hoping for a large number again this year,' Segura said.

According to Segura, the breakfast tradition has been going on for at least 10 years, and is a chance for alumni to get reacquainted with the sorority.

'We will be performing our fall parties skit for them and also will be showing a slide show. This shows the alumni what has been going on throughout the year and how our sorority has grown,' Segura said.