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SMU shuts door on Baylor

Nov. 11, 1999


Staff Writer

The Baylor women's soccer team found itself shut out of the action against the No. 19 Southern Methodist University Mustangs, 4-0.

A rowdy bunch of Baylor fans made the road trip up to SMU's Westcott Field, but the Mustangs presented their own cheerleading squad.

The Mustangs cashed in their opportunities while the Bears struggled through the entire game to put up any kind of fight.

'It is hard to have chances and for it not to fall your way,' said senior defender Megan Crona. 'A common theme the whole year is that we did not get any breaks.'

Mustang forward Sarah Harvey made a goal by knocking the ball over Baylor junior goalkeeper Dawn Greathouse's head and ricocheting it off the crossbar, into the net.

SMU teammate senior forward Laura Snyder passed to Harvey from the left side for the assist.

The Bears managed only five total shots against the Mustangs' four in the first half, and none threatened the SMU goal.

In the second half, Baylor came out aggressively, but to no avail.

'It is frustrating when you come out that strong and have nothing to show,' senior midfielder Nikki Hales said.

Harvey struck again 15 minutes into the second half when Greathouse went outside the box to retrieve a ball, which Harvey knocked over her and scored.

'When we didn't score, our heads went down and SMU capitalized on the opportunities,' head Coach Nick Cowell said.

Harvey came up once more at the 78-minute mark with a hat trick, an up-front goal courtesy of Snyder's cross pass.

The SMU Mustangs will continue play at the University of Southern California, while Baylor has ended its season.