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Freshman groups join for service, fun

Nov. 11, 1999



Despite a misconception that there has been a rivalry between Freshman Class Council (FCC) and Freshman Leadership Organization (FLO), this year the two groups have joined forces to work together.

Chris Kouba, co-director for FCC and a Deer Park sophomore, said the past competition is no longer evident.

'We have been working together on various projects, and the response has been positive,' Kouba said.

According to FCC president Andrew Hudson, a Sherman freshman, there was not really a rivalry between the two, and a movement toward working together was bound to take place.

'FCC and FLO were friends beforehand,' Hudson said. 'We have always enjoyed doing things together; there wasn't much of a rivalry.'

There are also plans to work together more as the year progresses.

'So far we had Steppin' Out together and a Halloween mixer,' Kouba said. 'Despite the rain, a lot of members from both groups showed up to do their part. We are working on rescheduling the event when it will be convenient for the both of us.'

The Halloween mixer allowed both groups to get to know each other in a relaxed setting. They spent the evening bowling in costumes, and according to Kouba, the event was a success.

Another project in the works will take place for Christmas.

FLO is planning an event that involves Christmas gifts and distribution, and there possibly will be a joint effort with FCC's project to bring the two events together.

'We [FCC] are doing a project called Angel Tree which provides gifts for children whose parents are in prison,' Hudson said. 'We will have a tree set up in the SUB.'

According to Hudson, FCC is more service oriented, while FLO is more social based. This has allowed for a good mix between the two, and Hudson hopes that this will continue as time goes on.

Both FCC and FLO are made up of about 50 members.

Les Strech, co-director of FLO and Katy junior, said he feels this is good because it creates strong friendships.

'One of the goals of FLO is to have 50 people become best friends when this is all over,' he said. 'Now that we are working with another 50 people in FCC, we have a chance to establish strong ties with them.'

The groups have also helped each other by spreading the word about their various functions.

'We did Freshman Frontier this year,' Stretch said. 'FCC helped us by letting people know about it. '

Members from each group attend the other's meetings to give them information on what is being planned.

'There has also been a lot of encouragement from between us,' Kouba said. 'We try to let each other know a lot of what is going on, and that really helps in strengthening our bond.'