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Circle K sponsors bone marrow drive

Nov. 11, 1999



Baylor is holding a bone marrow drive for the National Marrow Donor Program from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m today in the Bill Daniel Student Center. The drive is being sponsored by Circle K International and Carrie Cappel, a Gilmer senior.

'I planned to do a speech on bone marrow donation in my public speaking class and then I realized how big of a problem it was,' Cappel said. 'Only one in 20,000 people match to be able to donate.'

Cappel said she contacted the Scott and White Hospital to organize a drive at Baylor.

Kim Saenz, a bone marrow recruiter, said Carrie called her and asked what the drive entailed.

'Tables will be provided in the Student Center and students will be able to fill out registration forms. We will review the forms quickly and get them registered,' Saenz said.

'It is for such a good cause and I was concerned that students aren't aware of the need for the drive.' Cappel said. 'It takes five minutes of your time and is easier than giving blood.'

The NMDP is a worldwide registry of people willing to consider donating a small amount of their marrow to someone in need of a transplant. There are an estimated 30,000 children and adults in the United States diagnosed each year with leukemia and other fatal blood diseases. Nearly 70 percent of these patients cannot find a suitable match within their own families. They need to find an unrelated donor through the NMDP.

'The goal of the NMDP is to continue to increase the number of volunteers in its registry until virtually all patients that need a non-