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Letter to the Editor

Nov. 10, 1999

Technology amplifies evil in public by creating laziness

As a recent graduate, I occasionally like to check in on the Lariat to glean any news happening at Baylor and read the letters to the editor. It seems that there are the obvious topics that occur year in and year out . . . state of the football team, guys vs. girls, 'big bad' Baylor cops.

You get the picture. Occasionally, a stab at an actual intellectual debate takes hold and the campus is enlightened by topics such as death, homosexuality, freedom of speech, racism, etc.

Karen Humphrey's letter was interesting and I can see where she's trying to go with her thought; however, I think she's barking up the wrong tree. I think our society hasn't become anymore immoral than any other point in history, while some may even argue that we are even better morally than in the 'good ole' days.

However, if you really want to know why it seems like the world's sense of morality has gone out the window, you can answer this question in one word. Technology.

What do we have more of in the past thirty years than any point in time? Technology. Was it really those 'free lovin'' hippies or was the origin of the personal computer that ushered in the world's moral corruption?

The world is smaller and lazier than ever before, resulting in what seems to be society going to heck in a handbasket. Don't worry Ms. Humphrey, there are still 'good' people out there, you just never hear about them because what else keeps you clued to your TV, computer, or telephone . . . immoral folks and their 'evil deeds.' Even if you don't agree that people today aren't any worse than forty years ago (it would be naive to think that folks back then weren't just as bad...but for the sake of argument), it should be easy to see that technology is the primary factor in our 'downfall.' Nothing we can do will reverse our seemingly downward spiral into wickedness, except of course if you all will agree to give up your car, your computer, your car phone, the internet, etc. That would be to hard wouldn't it? Let's see what's on TV.

Earl Fairbanks

Graduate (BBA Finance) '99