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Band thrills Chapel-Forum crowd

Nov. 9, 1999

Performance a mixture of Christian, '50s rock



Keith Longbothom and his band raised the roof at Chapel-Forum on Monday as they offered more than just the typical speech. Instead they entertained the audience with their gift of music.

'It was entertaining -- better than listening to a speaker,' said Ryan Willard, an Aiken, S.C., junior. 'It is like watching a show in Nashville.'

The group is made up of Danny Baggott, Mark Lister, Phil Lister, Chris Marion and Keith Longbothom. They graced the stage with their musical talents as they performed Christian and '50s rock with a Nashville influence.

'They are everything you would expect from a Nashville band, all the talent and genuineness. They are like your neighbor next door,' said Johnny Tucker, a 1979 Baylor graduate.

Longbothom urged students and attendees throughout the concert to 'stomp and clap their feet' as they enthusiastically performed. By the end of the performance they had most of the audience shouting 'amen' and 'preach it' to a 'Pentecostal' version of an old hymn.

'We try to bring across the fact that you can have a good time as a Christian,' Lister said. 'We're not trying to preach, but show you can have a good time with the Lord.'

The band has performed together for five years at fairs, conventions and the Grand Ole Opry. While their main musical focus is Christian, they incorporate country and rock into their concerts regularly.

'Because we do secular music we have an opportunity to be salt in the world,' Marion said. 'We can go out and make a difference.'