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Letter to the Editor

Nov. 9, 1999

Thieving students' behavior in cafeterias far from being 'grrreat'

I am amazed how the more educated we are, the more we forget what our parents taught us: manners and respect for others.

I have been working for Baylor Dining Services for the past three years and have seen how Baylor students act in the food courts. They look down on their peers working for Baylor Dining Services, act as if their mothers are there to pick up their messes, and they steal food court items.

I can't believe how Baylor students under the honor system act in such a disrespectful, dishonest and unlawful manner! Items stolen include a pumpkin decorated as a snowman, a Tony the Tiger cutout, a toaster, a large sunflower basket, napkin holders and other small items such as silverware.

Not only do students steal, but they are also disrespectful and dishonest. Many will try to sneak in the food courts by giving false names, social security numbers or by sneaking in without their ID cards.

Why do Baylor students look down at their peers working for dining services? There is nothing dishonest or demeaning by working for food services. It is an honest job. I commend and admire those who choose to work for dining services regardless of the discrimination.

Please respect the workers by picking up after yourself! Next time you think about making a mess in the food court, try working for Baylor Dining Services for a few months and see how it feels.

Please respect the workers under the honor system. Baylor defines misconduct as any behavior interfering with Baylor's pursuit of its educational and 'Christian' objectives, failing to exhibit a regard for the respect of others, and intentionally taking, damaging or destroying property belonging to the university or a member of the university community (Student Handbook 1999-2000). There are consequences.

Simple manners and respect take you a long way. There is no excuse for this behavior! Please remember what your parents taught you and use it in college and for the rest of your life.

Angelica Mata

MIS/International Business '01