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CD enhances learning in ISY classes

Nov. 9, 1999



If you are one of the many people who still thinks computers speak a foreign language, you may want to invest your time in a TechEdVantage Career Success compact disc, a new electronic learning program offered to Baylor business students to better prepare them for the computer literate workforce.

'This CD is a starting point for someone to get introduced to e-learning,' said Glen McCandless, principle of focus marketing for SmartForce-an Internet education company that offers the TechEdVantage Career Success CD program.

Baylor leads the way as one of the first of more than 25 universities that have adopted the new program.

'Baylor is certainly one of the more active universities with this program,' McCandless said.

The CD, which is an improved version of previously offered computer-based training courses (CBTs), was first made accessible to students in August of this year and is available to students enrolled in ISY 1305 business classes.

Although the CD is only open to students in the class, CBTs are still offered on a new Web-accessible program available to students enrolled in ISY 3305 and ISY major courses and are recommended by professors.

'This provides the faculty the opportunity to get the students up to speed without using class time,' McCandless said.

The CBT courses have been offered to business students since the fall of 1997 and were once considered a course requirement.

The new Web version of the CBTs, however, is easier to use and more popular among students than the previous version.

'What students like about it is that it shows them how to do things step by step,' said Emily Ketcham, lecturer in information systems and administrator for the new course software.

Ketcham said other schools have opted to use the training courses in place of the classroom, but Baylor will not be joining in this effort because of the importance of teacher-student interaction.

Craig Bowman, a senior management information systems and financial services and planning major from Houston, has taken CBT courses for many of his management information systems classes and has found them to be advantageous.

'I've benefited from them in the fact that they are a supplementary source of information,' Bowman said.

Through the use of the

TechEdVantage Career Success '97 CD, students now have the opportunity to increase their knowledge of computer programs.

According to McCandless, both computer novices and experts can benefit from the Career Success CD.

Some curricula available through this 29-course program include Microsoft Office 97, Desktop Operating Systems, Introduction to Internet and Intranet Technology and Internet Browsers.

The interactive courses provide step-by-step tutorials on the specific programs and include quizzes and tests for students to check their knowledge.

SmartForce is currently working on an updated Microsoft 2000 version of this CD, which is expected to be ready in two weeks.