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Letters to the Editor

Nov. 5, 1999

Snowballing immorality in society will take years to discontinue

Rob Schickler's article on society's reaction to killing brought up several good points and illustrated two very important ones . . . that this is a complicated issue and where to 'place the blame' is difficult to discern.

One thing is for certain, and that is that society is mired in decadence.

I hear my grandparents and parents talk of when they were my age and the world they describe seems almost Utopian compared to the world we're living in now.

People were honest, respectful and compassionate. Sex, violence, and obscenity were almost unheard of. And this was all as recently as the 1950s.

So what's happened to society in the last 40 years? It seems that morality has come to an abrupt halt.

The children of the 60s that preached 'free love' and revolted against the establishment became parents that wanted to be more permissive than their parents were.

Schools that once taught morality no longer did so for fear of being sued by parents who felt this had no place in school.

This permissiveness slipped into the media and government, until now it seems that nothing elicits an outcry. And these children who were reared this way are gun-carrying adults now, raising their own children who are exposed to decadence on an even grander scale.

This situation has evolved over years, and most likely it will take years to solve it as well.

It's easy to point fingers at the media that bombards and desensitizes us, or at the politicians that are more interested in donations than legislation, or at schools that lack discipline, or at churches and ideological groups that subtly preach intolerance.

As much as you may be correct, these groups are part of a larger society. It took us all, over time, to create this monster . . . and it will take us all, over time, to destroy it.

It won't be easy, but if we make up our collective minds to do it then it can be done -- and it will be worth it.

Karen Humphrey

Doctoral Candidate Chemistry '02

Men apologize

for mating rituals

Dear Females, as represented by Tuesday's Letter to the Editor, we wish to issue an apology on behalf of our gender for the behavior(s) we have ignorantly espoused in our fruitless attempt to gain your affection.

Thanks to your enlightening letter we are currently reevaluating the courtship rituals which we once foolishly believed to woo you.

In addition to the heinous act of 'honking' which you graciously brought to our attention, we will seek to eliminate the related practices: screeching our oversized tires, bass thumping in our lowriders, spitting tobacco juice at the lunch table, allowing our pants to fall prey to 'the plague of the plumber,' brazenly sporting ribbed 'wife-beater' T-shirts, and lastly advertising our 'digits' on our Baylor Line jerseys.

Thank you for being a lone voice of social propriety in a world of patriarchal audacity.

Trey Lape

ISY '00

Josh Moody

University Scholars '00

Tim Roy

Political Science '00