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Life is total sum of one's reactions to adversity

Nov. 5, 1999

When one feels as if he or she is about to lose everything, the beauty of life strikes you as being one of the most precious gifts that God has given to us all.

Whether people experience tragedy or utter happiness, they learn something from it. For most people, the only time they think of the entire picture of life in full is when tragedy strikes them and they see their lives flashing in front of their eyes. When facing tragedy, to give up is to be a failure, but to rise and fight is to live.

Everyone lives a life, but not everyone lives to the fullest. People are given the freedom to choose the path they want to take and to make their life the way they want, but so many people take life for granted not seeing that they are given the opportunity to live life experiencing all that comes with it. To live is to experience pain, loss, sufferings, love, happiness and joy.

Life has its ups and downs but life is how you make it. Some things that happen are inevitable, but the way you accept the events is how one can live. To live is to feel, and to feel is to experience pain as well as happiness. There is no smooth path to take in life, but there is an easy road and a difficult road. The road leading to success is tough, but not impossible to travel.

Many events will deter your path, but standing firm and moving on without letting them affect you will lead you closer to your goal. Once the goal is reached, one can look back and see that he or she has learned much from past mistakes and events that occurred.

As it says in Matthew 7: 13-14, 'Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.'

The path that leads to life is narrow and there will be many things that will try to hinder you on your way, but all the events that you will experience will change your perception of things and make you more knowledgeable.

'You learn from your past mistakes and life gets better the older you get,' said Dominque Jackson, an Amarillo, senior.

There is more to life than to live fear and bitterness. It is the way you handle the situations -- whether you end up bitter and angry or whether you get back up on your feet and learn from your mistakes that you can live life to the fullest capacity. To live is to love and to love is to grow.

Esther Kim is a junior journalism major from Fort Worth.