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Candidate airs bid for Congress

Nov. 5, 1999

Expansion of Interstate 35 part of platform



Congressional candidate Ramsey Farley of Temple held a news conference at 3 p.m. Thursday at the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame to announce his bid.

Farley resigned from his position on the Temple Independent School District Board of Trustees Oct. 12 so he could devote full time to his campaign.

'It wasn't fair to continue serving on the board once I decided to run for office,' Farley said.

His is a campaign built primarily on five issues: education, Interstate 35 expansion, protection of the Social Security system, tax relief and restoration of the military.

'These issues are very pertinent to this area and maintaining the quality of life we enjoy here,' said Patrick D. Willis, fundraising director for Farley's campaign.

Farley said education is his No. 1 priority.

'Our children need the skills, tools and positive attitudes to compete in the fast emerging global market,' Farley said.

Issue No. 2 is that I-35 is unsafe, Farley said, and he wants to expand the interstate through the district.

'Highway 35 expansion needs to be top priority and not stop when it reaches the boundaries of the district.'

Third, the social security system is in need of protection.

'I want to be sure that social security is safe and protected for all,' Farley said.

Farley also said he wants to work toward reducing the burden taxes put on families.

'The fate of our families, our businesses and our land should not be decided by bureaucrats at the IRS,' he said.

Restoration of the military forces and support for the personnel at Fort Hood in Killeen is also of central importance for Farley.

'Our military should not be torn down by politicians who will trade our national security away at the drop of a hat,' Farley said.

Born and raised in Temple and a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Farley said the district needs a congressman who truly represents the people.

Farley is strongly conservative, a member of St. Luke's Catholic Church in Temple and an avid pro-lifer.

Both of his daughters were adopted as infants.

'There are alternatives to abortion,' said his wife Eva Vrba Farley.

Farley will be introduced Friday night by Lt. Gov. Rick Perry at the Greater Austin Right to Life banquet.

Ramsey and Eva have been married 41 years, and have a biological son as well.

The whole family was present at the conference.

'My husband has the time and talent; he's retired. At one time he had 3,000 employees, and his being available to them made more difference than anything. He will be available to the district,' Eva said.

Members of the College Republicans were in attendance at the conference, holding 'We Love Farley' signs and waving miniature American flags to the tune of little red noisemakers.

'It looks good to have youth in campaigns; we do the grunt work of the campaign,' said Round Rock junior B.J. Goergen, chairman of the College Republicans. 'I like that he seems to be concerned about the people of Central Texas; he's been very approachable and has strong conservative principles.'