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Saturday rain forces cancellationof some Steppin' Out activities

Nov. 3, 1999

Organizations forced to reschedule community service



Steppin' Out, Baylor's annual service tradition, got a little soggy this past weekend. The rain continued throughout the day on Saturday, and many of the activities planned were canceled.

'About 20 jobs were canceled total due to the rain,' said Melissa Prihoda, director of community service. 'A lot of work was still done though. In 1997 it snowed and projects still went on.'

Prihoda said everything went smoothly considering the circumstances.

'We called the agencies, and they contacted the campus organizations about alternative projects or cancellations,' Prihoda said.

Many of the projects were planned to be outdoor work such as gardening and house painting. Many of the greek organizations' Steppin' Out projects were canceled because of the bad weather.

'We were supposed to do gardening work for the Neighborhood Association. We all went out to the site, and they told us it was canceled,' said Andrea Whalen, Keller sophomore and member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. 'We all had to turn around and go home.'

The Baylor Habitat for Humanity was supposed to work at the Baylor Child Development Center on Saturday by hauling sand to the playground.

'We were supposed to haul sand to create fall zones for the children,' said Casie Vinall, a San Antonio junior and media coordinator for the organization.

Members of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity were supposed to paint a house this weekend, and it too was canceled.

'It would have been really good to help out in the community. We will have to work with Baylor to reschedule the project. I would really like to find a way to help in the community, so hopefully we can reschedule soon,' said Will Berkley, a Houston sophomore and member of Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Prihoda said she talked with the service organization chairs and that they are really positive about rescheduling the volunteer work.

'Everyone makes plans around Steppin' Out, and they need an alternate plan if it rains,' Whalen said.

Unfortunately, some projects will remain unfinished because of the inclement weather.