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Letters to the Editor

Nov. 2, 1999

Hell House showed reality of troubled world

As a participant in Hell House at Victorious Life Church, I feel obligated to respond to Diana Karafin's letter. My object is not to attempt to sway anyone's opinion, but only to offer a different point of view.

First, I should state that the purpose of Hell House is not to 'scare the hell out of people,' although we are all aware of that possibility occurring. This project is instead a means of portraying reality. And reality is this: we are living in a world where turmoil runs rampant. We live in a world where teenagers take their own lives, where driving accidents claim others, and where not even the schools and churches are safe from the actions of killers.

We live in a world that is not aware of the peace, hope and completeness that can only be found in a true relationship with Jesus Christ.

You encourage your Christian brothers and sisters to 'treat. . . friends with a little integrity, spend time getting to know them.' I wholeheartedly agree!

I do not believe that anyone ever once gave the impression that Hell House should be used as a substitute for building close relationships with people so that you could share the gospel with them. As a matter of fact, I am of the opinion that the vast majority of people who watch Hell House will not turn to Christ as a direct result of it. But hopefully (to borrow a Christian cliche) seeds will be planted, and eventually the harvesters will come when they are called.

Finally, perhaps you will be pleased to know that the church will not profit at all from Hell House. The admission charge is a way of recouping a small percentage of the cost of putting on this production.

Another thing that I agree with you on is that it is only God who can change people's hearts, but it is our responsibility to let Him use us as He sees fit. And when I decide to go against God's plans, well, it will be a cold day in hell.

Femi Omoni

Telecommunications '00

House only tried sharing gospel

I was very shocked and appalled when I read the letter condemning Hell House.

First of all, I am glad that someone thought of the idea of giving a Christian alternative to haunted houses. Haunted houses can only serve their purpose if they successfully scare the customers with unrealistic objects.

I attended Hell House and I enjoyed it very much. It was a realistic scare to the present dangers and evils of our society. The subjects go through different rooms where they are presented with day to day events and the dangers behind them. This was not only trying to lead people to Christ, but it was a good way to teach lessons of dangers of drunk driving, drug use, sexual abuse and violence.

People were not scared into believing in Jesus, they have to be touched spiritually to see the essence of wanting eternal life. The only people who were scared are the people who were shocked to find out that their pre-conception of making heaven was incredibly wrong. I think it is wrong for a Christian to be criticizing the effort of others to share the warning of eternal damnation with unbelievers. I also think it is wrong to judge the use of Hell House without experiencing it yourself.

It is pretty expensive to put a horror house together and I'm sure people who put their time, effort and finances in it will like at least to see the money being donated to help the youth department who put on the show.

I agree that taking non-Christian friends to Hell House should not be the only way you should try and convert then to Christ, but some people need a taste of reality to really get the message. Hell House had no other motives other than sharing the gospel contrary to what anyone thinks.

Seun Ope


Bears showed character in loss

I just read the article about the Saturday football game in your October 29, Lariat. I am a K-State grad and fan and of course, enjoyed the game Saturday.

I would like to compliment the honesty of the players in approaching the game and the character they showed both during and after the game. I am sure they did not feel very much like going over to their fans immediately after the game, but that showed the true character that they had.

We have been going to KSU games for almost 40 years and know what is like to be down. It is really a new experience to be on top. We are very proud of our coach and believe that success starts with character. It also showed character for him to go talk to your players after the game as well as character on the part of your coach. He is going at it the right way. It won't be long and the Bears will be back also.

Dean Landman

Kansas State University fan

Neanderthals need to stop honking

Just a quick word of advice to all of the guys who feel it necessary to sit in front of Collins and honk your horns obnoxiously -- we girls do not appreciate it. No, it does not make your more desirable, make you look cool, or make you 'manly.'

It only makes you look obnoxious, and it makes us angry. I don't care if it is 3:00 p.m. or 3:00 am.; it is still rude and inconsiderate, so please stop.

Bethe Spurlock