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Internet utilizes technology to educate more effectively

Nov. 2, 1999

Baylor University has advanced technological resources and to not use these resources to their full advantage is a waste.

One way to use technology to help students is by offering courses over the Internet. Both traditional classes and Internet classes have their own advantages, but Internet courses give students greater flexibility and versatility.

Spending traditional time in a classroom with a professor is not an option for everyone. A university's goal is to educate, and by allowing students to take courses on the Internet a university gives more people the opportunity to be a part of the learning experience.

Research conducted on classes taken on the Internet states, 'In its complete manifestation, the virtual classroom will liberate both the teacher and the learner from both geographical and temporal constraints. Instruction will become process which can occur at any time and at any place, at the independently determined convenience of the teacher and the learner.'

Internet courses do not limit students and professors, but instead, give them freedom.

Offering Internet courses allows non-traditional students, who may not have time to set aside for a scheduled class, to continue their education.

It makes education easier for a student who may not live close to campus, for students that travel and for students who cannot attend regular classes due to illness or other emergencies.

Internet courses make education more accessible and encourage students to learn no matter what their location or circumstance.

Stanford, Harvard and many other universities offer Internet courses so students can be provided with 'education on demand, anywhere and anytime.'

Most Internet courses allow students to ask questions or otherwise interact with their instructors and classmates asynchronously from their desktop computer. Students and professors still interact on a daily basis, and the Internet environment often allows students who would not normally be a part of a classroom discussion to take a more active role in the exchange of information.

The world is changing and using the Internet to promote learning and make it easier. Making it more available is the next logical step in higher education