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Students send aid to Honduras

Nov. 19, 1998



Hurricane Mitch roared through Central America earlier this month, leaving devastation in its wake. Now, in the aftermath of the storm, a professor and several students are offering aid.

Roberto Diaz, a Killeen junior of Honduran descent, is helping campus organizations reach Honduras. Diaz's parents work with the consul of Honduras in Houston and are helping with shipments of aid.

According to Diaz, people can take donations to the National Guard hanger in Killeen. He said a 15-truck convoy left Saturday.

'They've loaded up five more,' Diaz said, adding that they were 5-ton trucks.

Diaz said that most of the damage was in Tegucigalpa, the capital city. 'The areas that are affected the most are [those with] the unsheltered people,' he said. 'You can smell death in the air.'

Crista Eyl, a Tegucigalpa, Honduras, junior, is also helping with aid efforts and has placed several collection boxes throughout campus.

Eyl said the boxes are in the Bill Daniel Student Center and in all of the dorms. She started raising aid through the Alpha Kappa Psi pledge class.

Baylor students still have the opportunity to donate things, Eyl said, and the boxes will be out 'as long as we can get things.'

'It's going good so far,' she said. 'The help we've been getting has been generous.'

'The most you can do is . . . collect as much as you can,' Diaz said.

The Baylor Executive Association of Residents (BEAR) and Hispanic Student Association are also trying to offer aid to Honduras.

Andy Cox, a Shreveport, La., senior, and chaplain of the BEAR, said they plan to split its efforts between local needs and Honduras.

'It's a needed effort and I think every organization should chip in and help,' Cox said.

He said boxes are in most dorms, and the BEAR is taking filled boxes to a distribution site.

Diaz asked other organizations who want to offer aid to call him at 759-2364 or Eyl at 754-8709. Monetary donations may be sent to the First National Bank of Killeen, 'Honduras Relief Fund', P.O. Box 937, Killeen, TX, Account # 01-1105671.

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