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ITC on track for the year 2000

Nov. 19, 1998

Baylor's critical computer systems will be prepared in time for the turn of the year 2000, Becky King, associate director for information systems in the Baylor Information Technology Center, announced recently.

This announcement comes as a relief to countless students and faculty members, as computer data bases and other applications represent an important part of the daily functioning of the university.

In an effort that began in 1997, the staff in the Information Technology Center has all but two vital systems prepared for the possible computer doomsday for many companies and our federal government. The two Baylor systems that are not compliant at this time are student information systems and financial information, which will both be made compliant months before theyear 2000.

Students cannot just sit back and assume everything will just work out, however. Home computer systems must be checked to ensure they are prepared for 2000. Computer officials recommend that computer owners call the manufacturer to determine if a system must be updated or replaced.

We applaud the preparation that has been conducted by the university to ensure a smooth transition to the year 2000.

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