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Speaker challenges students to help poor for right reasons

Nov. 19, 1998



Chapel-Forum presented students with a challenge Wednesday to inspect their motivations for giving and to take action in helping the poor.

The Rev. Jimmy Dorrell, director of Mission Waco, spoke about the value of charity and urged students to help and give from their hearts. He said sometimes a person's motivation to do a good thing is a wrong motivation.

'I want to challenge you for a few minutes on why you help,' Dorrell said. 'A lot of the helping that I used to do came from wrong motivations. Sometimes we do good things for wrong reasons. Sometimes our helping is for us.'

Dorrell explained how he believes one's motivation to help should be an overflow of a life in touch with God's will.

'Because God cares, we should care,' he said. 'We should help because it is the right thing to do based on the love of God. To know God is to do the will of God.'

With Thanksgiving Day around the corner, Dorrell explained that students will be presented with plenty of opportunities to help the less fortunate.

'You're going to be challenged to give,' he said. 'Remember, out of the midst of helping people who are broken and poor, our lives are changed.'

Kristi Presley, a Houston junior, said she believes Dorrell's message was one that needed to be delivered.

'It was inspirational,' she said. 'I feel it was needed in Chapel-Forum because there are so many homeless people in Waco. It was good to bring it home to us.'

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