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Fair-weather fans should stop making excuses

Nov. 18, 1998

After very few people showed up at the Baylor versus Oklahoma game Saturday, I finally accepted the fact that Baylor students are all about winning where football is concerned. If the team has a losing record, no matter how good they are, students do not support them.

I realized that the recent weather conditions have become excuses for students who do not want to go the football games. My question to them is why make an excuse? If your support of fellow, hard-working, students is contingent on a record just say so. Don't blame the rain.

I understand that there are situations when a person needs to, and should, stay out of the elements. When they are sick, or when they have to study, then staying inside the house is OK. However, when a person does not go to a game because he believes the team is bad and calls himself a fan, there is a problem.

First, the Baylor team is better than its record would indicate. It may be hard to believe, but it is true. They could have, and maybe should have, won three games they let slip away. Second, they may be 2-8 and haven't won a game in several weeks, but is that really surprising? They did go 2-9 last year and most of the team returned.

Who expected the Bears to finish above .500 playing the second toughest schedule in the country? No one in their right mind should have.

Who expected the Bears to improve from last year, record not withstanding? Everyone should have. Now, the offense is struggling, but the defense has proved it is legitimate. In short, there are better days ahead. Only God knows where and when those days will come, but they are coming.

Don't get me wrong, I am a football fan and I love our football team. I think they do the very best that they can every time they step onto the field. I don't think they like the feeling of losing.

I would venture to say that they hate losing as much as fans hate watching them lose.

Sometimes the Bears have a bad game or two, or three, and sometimes they make bone-head plays. OK. Give them a break, they are human. So they make more mistakes than we would like to see, but I know I would not want to be in their shoes any Saturday.

We all should remember that what they do is harder than it looks and just because the Bears lose a substantial portion of their games right now, does not mean they are bad players. It just means there is room for improvement, a lot of room in some cases, but room no less.

As for me, I will be there when the Bears reach the top of the Big 12. They will have the best Cinderella story. All of us who stuck by them and defended them at 2-8 will still be there at 8-2 when it all comes together.

(Torie Johnson is a sophomore journalism and telecommunications major from Gatesville.)

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