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Veto saves tuition dollars

Nov. 18, 1998

It's obvious at sporting events that very few students sing the Baylor fight song. Perhaps they don't know the words. Perhaps the just don't care to know them.

Whatever the reason, Student Congress set out to increase school spirit by printing 10,000 'Fite' Cards displaying the lyrics to 'Old Fite' and 'That Good Old Baylor Line.' The $1,990 needed to produce the cards was to come from the Student Life Fund.

Fortunately, Student body President Gannon Sims vetoed the bill passed the previous week for allocating this money.

The bill is currently being rewritten and the authors plan to present an amended version of the bill at a future meeting.

The idea behind increasing school spirit is a good one. However, lyrics to both school songs are shown on the scoreboard at major sporting events, and students still choose not to sing.

It is a waste of our tuition dollars to use so much money on laminated cards that most students will not care about. The cards are likely to be shoved into a back pocket or wallet or even thrown in the trash.

If Student Congress wants to help increase school spirit, the place to start is Welcome Week, where students can learn the school songs without taking valuable money from the Student Life Fund.

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