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Clear set of standards a must for senior position

Nov. 18, 1998

Last week, the Baylor Board of Regents approved a new faculty title: senior lecturer.

Faculty members who now hold the title of lecturer have one-year contracts. Under the new system, lecturers will be given a review after seven years and either promoted to senior lecturer or released. Senior lecturers will receive a two-year contract, and presumably more pay and possibly more benefits.

This plan is a good idea in that it gives lecturers more job security and other privileges. However, it could potentially have several problems, and its implementation during the next few years should be closely monitored.

Presumably if a lecturer has been doing a good enough job to keep a contract for seven years, he or she should have no problem passing the seventh-year review. However, a larger, more comprehensive review could easily be used as an excuse to eliminate faculty members for reasons other than job performance.

In order to make this program work effectively, the administration will have to establish a clear set of standards to which senior lecturers will be held, and consistently promote or dismiss those who meet or fail to meet these standards.

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