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Student survey goes online

Nov. 17, 1998



This week, students can begin expressing their thoughts and opinions to the student government by completing the Student Life Survey through the link from the main Baylor web page.

Although the Student Life Survey web site is linked to the main Baylor home page and can be reached from any computer with Internet access, a few computers will be set up in the Bill Daniel Student Center specifically for the purpose of completing the survey. The computers in the student center will be available for use between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.

The survey includes questions regarding campus improvements, residence life and fall break.

Grant Walsh, Student Congress representative and chairman of the Student Life Committee, said the survey is easy to fill out and doesn't take much time.

'There are less than 20 questions on the survey, less than last year. We wanted to make the survey shorter this year so it would be more convenient and include issues that we can do something about, ' Walsh said.

Walsh said it is extremely important that all students fill out the survey and make their opinion known.

'The responses we get from the Student Life Survey are how we base 95 percent of the legislation that we pass. Almost every bill we look at contains evidence from the survey, so it is essential that students respond, ' Walsh said.

This year is the third year that the survey has been available through the Internet. Christy Rome, student body internal vice president and a Stafford senior, said having the survey available through the Internet has increased the number of responses.

'The first year the survey was available on computers, there was a huge increase in the number of students responding ,and the numbers have gone up each year since then,' Rome said.

The survey will continue to be available on the Baylor website through this week and next week until Thanksgiving break

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