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Nov. 17, 1998

Monday's Chapel-Forum service was a troubling experience for me, and it wasn't the speaker or the message that concerned me. Following Chapel, I met more judgmental and closed-minded people here on campus than I have ever encountered. Never before have I been so offended as I was listening to my fellow students complain about being 'forced to listed to a homosexual for 40 minutes.' Why are some many students around here so obstinate toward others?

I realize that students are rarely very attentive in Chapel, but Monday was simply disrespectful. Throughout the presentation, I overheard several comments about 'what a waste of time' listening to this speaker was. At the 11 a.m. service, a few students got up and left as the speaker was beginning to pray. I understand that many students don't like Chapel, but a large amount of today's complaints were attributed toward the speaker because of his experimentation with homosexuality. If students had paid attention, they would have later learned that Hunter found fault in his ways and repented for his 'sins,' but too many tuned him out the moment that he mentioned his homosexual relations. Regardless of whether he changed his ways or not, he was trying to deliver a positive message and should have been given respect.

It is disappointing to see how quick people are to judge another and condemn their lifestyle. So what if Hunter was a homosexual and still is today? I realize that most students at Baylor believe homosexuality to be morally wrong and 'non-Christian' behavior, but that does not provide for derogatory comments toward a person who chooses that lifestyle. Too many students here take pride in their religion but are living as self-righteous Christians. I am completely disappointed and amazed at how many are all too eager to 'cast the first stone.' If you are reading this and were one of those students whining Monday, wake up and realize that you are living ina diverse world of people, and that each individual reserves respect.

Molly Wiggins

Biochemistry '02

I am tired of sticking up for a football team that doesn't even try anymore. All season long I have been telling everyone that Baylor has a good team. Sure, we have lost some games, but not by much.

After the University of Oklahoma game Saturday, I don't know how much more I can take. It seems like the team just does not care or has no heart. It wasn't because of the large number of unanswered points in the third quarter that I say this; instead it was the way Baylor carried itself.

Seeing some Baylor player loaf after an OU receiver as he made it into the endzone just made me sick. To top it all off, on a fourth down conversion attempt by Baylor, we just tossed them the ball, seeing that we were going to be tackled.

It just seems as if all year Baylor has just thrown away games that they could have won if they had tried to minimize their mistakes.

Basketball is starting soon, and maybe they will try to win a few, because the football team sure hasn't.

Craig Black

ISY '01

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