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America should act now

Nov. 17, 1998

Why is Saddam Hussein still in power? Why have ground troops not secured Iraq? These are questions still left unanswered by the Clinton administration--questions that have basically remained the same since the administration first took office.

The White House was all apologies Monday after U.S. air strikes were canceled twice at the last minute over the weekend. Sanctions, sanctions and more sanctions and the threat of air strikes, which we repeatedly cancel, have shown the U.S. government to be wishy-washy and inconsistent--and have had little effect on controlling Hussein.

Military forces remain on alert ready for Clinton to take some decisive control and give the Iraqi people a little less at which to laugh.

Our government needs to find allies within opposition groups in Iraq to topple Hussein, a task proven to be difficult. It would be impossible to take out Hussein with just air strikes--securement by ground troops would be needed.

Hussein has spent much of his life hiding from his enemies. Why should he treat this situation any differently? Unless the Iraqi people get more power and Hussein has his power limited, how can we even imagine he would comply with United Nations regulations and allow inspections to go on uninhibited?

The United States should have taken action earlier and not waited, giving Hussein more chance to react and put us on the defensive. Our task now will just be more difficult as time goes on.

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