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Local bands to battle

Nov. 13, 1998



Come see some local bands 'battle' it out at Kappa Delta's Battle of the Bands at 11 a.m. Saturday at Floyd Casey Stadium Touchdown Alley.

According to Kristen Wallace, a Lewisville senior and Kappa Delta president, the winning band receives a cash prize donated by the Baylor Athletic Department and a couple of hours at Lone Star Music & Sound Company's recording studio on Lake Air Drive.

'Last year, there was a really good turnout,' Wallace said.

Some of the bands performing in this year's Battle of the Bands are Groove Child, 60 Cycle Hum and Texture.

'We try to get bands who play music most college students can relate to,' Wallace said.

The Battle of the Bands competition gives the bands performing a chance to generate publicity and to encourage people to support the football team.

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