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Letters to the Editor

Nov. 11, 1998

On Thursday The Lariat printed an article about a freshman arrested for sexual assault. The Lariat printed his name, classification and amount of bail. The lack of journalistic integrity appalled me. This young man is innocent until proven guilty. However, The Lariat played judge and jury with this man's reputation by printing his name.

Did anyone consider that printing his name would forever condemn his reputation? False accusations of sexual assault are rampant in today's society. The Lariat should respect the judicial system enough to let it decide the fate of this student. The Lariat should have known the consequences that printing his name would have on this student. By printing this student's name, The Lariat made him a victim. The Lariat respected the supposed victim enough not to print her name, but you made a victim out of the accused.

Jennifer Gearhart

Journalism '02

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