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ROTC holds flag vigil to commerate veterans

Nov. 11, 1998



Today is Veteran's Day, a day of recognition for those who have risked and even given their lives to protect the freedoms many U.S. citizens frequently take for granted. The Baylor division of ROTC has chosen Veteran's Day to recognize Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action.

In commemoration, four ROTC cadets will guard the flag outside Pat Neff Hall, working one hour shifts, for 24 hours. The vigil began at 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, with the formal flag raising, and will last until 4 p.m. today with the formal flag retreat. All members of ROTC will be present as the flag is lowered today to pay tribute to veterans.

In addition to the Flag Vigil, all ROTC cadets will wear a T-shirt bearing the POW/MIA patch and the Veteran's Day date. U.S. flags and yellow ribbons will also be placed around each lamp post displaying a brass plaque honoring Baylor students and alumni who have fought in foreign wars.

ROTC has randomly placed ribbons and flags on these lamp posts in years past, however this year Summer Davis, the Public Affairs officer of Arnold Air Society, hopes to decorate all 150 lamp posts. 'ROTC has always done it (observed Veteran's Day), but Baylor students need to realize the cost of life given for their freedom,' Davis said.

ROTC members said they hope to create a public awareness that goes beyond customary recognition, cadets hope to encourage a spirit of gratitude among the student body.

'Every bit of freedom that we have is indebted to the people who have gave their lives, the ultimate sacrifice . . . anyone who is an American citizen owes these people some respect,' Bradley Pempia, ROTC Drill and Ceremonies Officer, said.

'Like most universities, Baylor is not military oriented, so it is good to take one day to recognize those who risked and gave their lives so we can live where we want, go to school where we want and study what we want,' said Sean Calaha, an Austin sophomore and First Sergeant.

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