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Reynolds shares Baptist ideals

Nov. 11, 1998



HOUSTON--Baylor Chancellor Herbert H. Reynolds urged Texas Baptists to chart their future.

Reynolds focused on Baptists in the past, the present and plans for the future at the Texas Baptists Committed breakfast Tuesday.

In looking at the past, Reynolds reminded attendees of some of the people 'who have suffered in the trenches.'

These include Dr. Winfred Moore, director of the Center for Ministry Effectiveness, and Dr. Russell Dilday, a professor at George W. Truett Theological Seminary and current president of the BGCT.

Reynolds mentioned the 'asinine amendment to the 'Baptist Faith and Message' statement this past June in Utah which further demeans our work.'

Reynolds said there is not the remotest possibility fundamentalists will ever allow meaningful reconciliation with Texas Baptists since 'giving up power and control would be like the loss of life itself to those who are most psychologically afflicted.'

In planning for the future, Reynolds urged Texas Baptists to not wait to see the course of the convention but to chart the course of Texas Baptist history.

'We must recognize the fact that many of the fundamentalists followers are in their 30s and 40s and will still be around for another 40-50 years,' Reynolds said.

He asked Texas Baptists to look ahead to the future.

'We should not look backward or sideways with animosity toward the SBC or the Southern Baptists of Texas or any other group,' Reynolds said. 'Rather we should look upward and forward at what we can do in the name of Christ.'

Reynolds also outlined a possible program for the future of the BGCT involving teleconferencing between churches, using Texas seminaries for further education and having group discussions to stimulate teaching.

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