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All students should decide fate of the fallen trophy

Nov. 10, 1998

Friday's edition of The Baylor Lariat reported the goalpost torn down after Baylor's upset win over the University of Texas last season would be kept in storage and brought out only at homecoming.

The decision to keep the goalpost in storage the rest of the year was made last year by a freshman class vote.

We understand that the freshman class felt it had the right to make such a decision since it composes The Baylor Line; however, the tearing down of the goalpost, at least in part, involved all classes of students.

Therefore, we believe the entire student body should have been allowed the chance to vote on the issue. In fact, a new vote should be taken on the issue at this year's Diadeloso.

Baylor should strive to achieve fairness in it's system. By allowing all students the right to decide, the displaying of the goalpost would have meaning for all students, not just last year's freshman class.

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