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Goalpost returns to campus

Nov. 6, 1998



Within 24 hours of the monumental event, someone had plastered the scene on a T-shirt and was selling it to excited Baylor students. The front stated, 'The day the goalpost fell,' surrounding the inter-locking BU on the left lapel. The back stated, 'God may have made the sunset burnt orange, but Heaven is green and gold' with a photo of the after-game scene.

One year ago Saturday, the Baylor Line and other fans showed their love for the Baylor Bear football team when they attacked the south endzone goalpost at Floyd Casey Stadium and ripped the U-section from its base. The crowd, celebrating the Bears' 23-21 homecoming victory over long-time rivals, the University of Texas Longhorns, could not be stopped.

According to an article about the event in last year's Nov. 4 Baylor Lariat , Baylor Police Chief Jim Doak said his staff 'had no intentions of putting a damper on the fans' emotion and spirit.'

After the goalpost was torn off its base, the Baylor Line and others marched the trophy 25 blocks back to campus. After a short rest at the Bill Daniel Student Center, students took the goalpost to President Robert B. Sloan Jr.'s home. As reported last year, Sloan and his wife said they were 'excited to find the figure in their yard late Saturday night.'

After students left President Sloan's house, they returned to the Bill Daniel Student Center and placed the goalpost on the grassy area facing Fifth Street. The post remained there for all to see. Several television stations even came out to cover the event.

In the days to follow, students and faculty, armed with magic markers, wrote all kinds of messages on the uprights. Most messages were as simple as a name and classification, while others were testimonials of love.

These days, the prized possession of Baylor football fans, especially sophomores, is lacquered in three pieces and covered in plastic in the Baylor Physical Plant. The goalpost has been stored there since last November, free of charge to Baylor.

The goalpost will be on display for people to see during the homecoming festivities.

'Students will be able to see it in close contact during homecoming,' sophomore class president Jon Rolph said.

Students must make the most of this opportunity to find their signatures, however, because when the weekend is over the goalpost will return to its permanent home at the physical plant. The freshman class voted last year to keep the prize in storage and to only bring it out once a year.

'The freshmen decided to not put it in a permanent place because they thought it might lose some of its luster,' Rolph said. 'It would be more special to bring it out once a year.'

Although the Bears are underdogs to the Kansas State University Wildcats for tomorrow's game, the Baylor Department of Public Safety is considering some options in case of another monumental incident.

According to police Chief Jim Doak, the department has 'thought about it, and given consideration to it,' but prefers to keep its specific plans confidential.

A Baylor win over Kansas State would not only be an upset, it would almost be an open invitation to the Baylor Line to repeat the actions of Homecoming 1997, Doak hinted.

'If we beat Kansas State, maybe we deserve to tear the goalpost down,' he said.

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