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Pigskin spotlights top 8 acts of Sing '97

Nov. 6, 1998



A long-standing homecoming tradition continues for the 64th year this weekend.

Pigskin Revue, which began in 1934, is an annual fall showcase of musical variety highlighting student organizations. The organizations performing in the four-day production are selected from the entries in All-University Sing the previous spring semester.

'I can't remember when there hasn't been a Pigskin Revue,' said Penny Jacko, public relations coordinator for news and information.

According to Jeromy Barber, coordinator of special events, Pigskin features the top three organizations who won Sing, plus five additional organizations, making a total of eight performing groups.

This year's Pigskin will feature such organizations as Kappa Omega Tau performing 'Thunder at Dawn;' Phi Kappa Chi performing 'David and Goliath;' Chi Omega performing 'Singular Sensation;' Kappa Sigma performing 'Red Square;' Sing Alliance performing 'What I'm Looking For;' Delta Tau Delta performing 'Blues Brothers;' Pi Beta Phi performing 'Wanted' and Zeta Tau Alpha performing 'Showboat.'

All of the organizations practice continually every week to prepare and make final adjustments to their act for Pigskin.

According to John Lang, Sing chair for KOT and a Dallas senior, KOT has been practicing their act for Pigskin for the last six weeks. The group must go over and over the routine until everyone knows it without thinking.

'The best aspect of it all is everyone being together every night practicing,' Lang said. 'We're just hanging out and forming a brotherhood.'

He also said everyone is excited about performing at Pigskin, especially the new pledge class from the spring semester.

According to Barbara Knoll, a Sing chair for Sing Alliance and a Fort Worth senior, Sing Alliance practiced at least three times a week for their performance since late September.

'I guess the best aspect of performing at Pigskin is that Sing Alliance is the first non-Greek organization to perform,' Knoll said.

According to Jeremy Martin, a Sing chair for Kappa Sigma and a Grand Prairie senior, the Kappa Sigmas practice four times a week, Monday through Thursday for four hours each day. During each practice they rehearse songs and work on character development, prop management and choreography.

'It's kind of hard practicing because it's not a competition,' Martin said. 'It's more of a time restraint because of all the other homecoming activities.'

The first performance began at 7 p.m. Thursday in Waco Hall with other shows at 7 and 10:15 tonight, and an additional show at 10 p.m. tomorrow. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office in the Bill Daniel Student Center. Student tickets are $8 and non-student tickets are $10.

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