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Firing up homecoming

Nov. 6, 1998



'Will you not, as a loyal student of dear old Baylor, lay aside for a few days the usual cares of life, come back to your alma mater, renew former associations and friendships, and catch the Baylor spirit again?'

This 1909 quote from past Baylor President Samuel Palmer Brooks reminds students and alumni alike that it's homecoming time again, and what better way to celebrate the event than by attending the pep rally and bonfire at 9:30 tonight?

The bonfire, at Fountain Mall in front of Moody Memorial Library, is returning to the location after a short absence.

In the past few years 'the bonfire was held on the intramural fields. We have to move back to Fountain Mall due to construction of the Student Life Complex,' said Chip Anthony, coordinator of the bonfire and member of the Baylor Chamber of Commerce.

According to Anthony, the fire won't be as big because of where it's located this year, but more people are expected to come.

During the bonfire, the Baylor Golden Wave Band and Baylor Songleaders will perform.

According to Chief Jim Doak of the Baylor Department of Public Safety, there will be two fire trucks at the bonfire. There will also be enough officers at the bonfire to handle any situation that may arise.

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