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Baylor offers a variety of study abroad trips

Nov. 6, 1998



Baylor study abroad programs can bring a 'quantum leap in one's intellectual and personal development,' according to Linda Klatt, coordinator of International Programs.

The approximately 400 students who participate in Baylor study abroad programs each year choose from 15 different group trips, Klatt said. Although the programs vary in language requirements and length -- lasting from one summer session to one semester -- residence credit, financial aid and grade point average apply to all programs. Baylor professors accompany students on each program and teach most courses, according to program brochures.

Baylor offers three semester-long programs:

East Africa Semester Abroad

Students spend their fall semester in Kenya taking 14 to 17 hours of classes. All courses are taught in English and students with any major are eligible.

Kenyan families in rural and urban areas will host the students. Additionally, students participate in a three-week internship and a one-week camping trip.

Contact: Dr. Blake Burleson, full-time lecturer in religion, at 710-4215.

European Studies Program

in Maastricht

Students live at the Castle Vaeshartelt, near the University of Maastricht in The Netherlands, during the spring semester. All courses are taught in English.

Students from all majors are eligible for this program and can receive 12 to 17 hours credit.

Because the trip is limited to 30 students, early application is recommended for the spring, 2000.

Contact: Dr. Jeffrey S. Hamilton, assistant history professor, at 710-6301.

Hong Kong Baptist University

Each fall and spring, up to 12 students with any major can study in Hong Kong. All courses are taught in English.

Contact: Dr. Vincent Yang, full-time lecturer in French, Chinese and Italian, at 710-4422.

Baylor offers 12 group study abroad programs in the summer:

Baylor in Belize

The program runs from mid-May through early June. Course study includes ecotrourism.

Contact: Larry Lehr, full-time lecturer in environmental studies, at 710-1819.

Baylor European Business Seminar

From mid-May to mid-June, students travel to The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom. The program offers upper division undergraduate credits or graduate business credits.

Students meet with executives of multinational corporations, gaining a working knowledge of international business.

Contact: Dr. Daniel Rajaratnam, associate professor of marketing, at 710-4545.

Department of Geology

The program consists of pre-course meetings and two weeks in Jamaica conducting field studies in marine biology and geology.

Scuba diving certification is strongly recommended and there are certain science prerequisites.

Contact: Dr. Rena Bonem, geology professor, at 710-2361.

Baylor in Germany

During the second summer session, up to 20 students from all majors can earn up to six hours of credit.

Students must have taken one year of college German or have special approval by the director. Scholarships are available for German majors and minors.

Contact: Dr. Rasma Lazda-Cazers, German, Russian and Japanese professor, at 710-6015.

Baylor in Great Britain

Offered during the second summer session, the program welcomes students with all majors. Courses are offered in a variety of areas.

In addition to staying at Westminster School in London, students will spend six days in Italy.

Contact: Marilyn McKinney, office manager in the religion department, at 710-3758.

Baylor in England, France and Italy

Courses in international fashion, textiles and perspectives on the family are offered May 16 through June 6. Students can earn up to six hours of credit.

Contact: Dr. Judith Lusk, family and consumer sciences professor, at 710-6266.

Baylor in Isreal

During the first summer session, students participate in two to four weeks of excavation at Tel Malhata. On weekends, students can leave their modern hotel in Arad to tour the rest of Israel. Courses are available for students of all classifications.

Contact: Dr. Bruce C. Cresson, religion professor, at 710-6312.

Baylor in Turkey (and Greece)

Students can earn up to six hours of credit during the first summer session taking a variety of courses. As many as 20 students with any major may participate.

Contact: Dr. William A. Mitchell, associate professor of political science, at 710-6607.

Baylor in Italy

For 16 days during the second summer session, 20 students can take Roman Topography, as well as register for three additional hours. Destinations include several Italian cities. The program is open to students with all majors and scholarship aid is available.

Contact: Dr. Alden Smith, associate classics professor, at 710-1399.

Baylor in Paris and Burgundy

Students can participate in homestays with French families in Paris and Lyon during the first summer session, while taking courses to earn six hours of intermediate or advanced French credit. To be eligible, students must have completed two semesters of college French.

Contact: Dr. David M. Uber, French, Italian and Chinese professor, at 710-6026

Baylor in Spain

During the first summer session, students can earn six hours of intermediate or advanced Spanish credit while staying with Spanish families. Participants must have completed Spanish 1402 with a minimum grade of C.

Contact: Dr. Phillip Johnson, Spanish and Portuguese professor, at 710-6003.

Baylor in Thailand

Students can stay with Thai families while studying at Yonok College during the first summer session. In addition to choosing from a variety of courses, students can travel to other parts of Thailand and Southeast Asia. Participants are guests of King Ramus IX at the palace in Bangkok.

Contact: Kathryn M. Mueller, full-time lecturer in sociology-social work-anthropology, at 710-6235.

Students interested in other, general aspects of international study can contact Klatt at the International Programs office in W.R. Poage Legislative Library Center.

Klatt will speak on the advantages of international study Wednesday in Chapel Forum.

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