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Student Union to sponsor academic contest

Nov. 5, 1998



Jack waits, his hand trembling on the buzzer as he anticipates the big question that will determine Baylor's regional ranking in this year's 'College Bowl.'

College Bowl is a university-wide competition in quick recall and knowledge. Students formulate teams of four people and compete against other teams from Baylor for a spot in the regional competition.

This year, Student Union will hold College Bowl on Nov. 16 and 17.

The winner of Baylor's local competition will go on to compete in the regional competition, and the winner of regionals gets the chance to represent Baylor in national competition.

Questions will cover topics including history, literature, science, religion, geography, current events, the arts, social sciences, sports and popular culture, as well as multiculturalism.

Kisha Slaughter, a Jacksonville junior and Student Union's chairperson for special events, said she thinks College Bowl is an exciting experience for Baylor students.

'I really just see it as being a lot of fun,' Slaughter said. 'We are going to have more students involved this year, and someone will be representing Baylor in regional competition.'

Julie Norris, a North Waterford, Maine junior and last year's tournament director, also said she sees College Bowl as being a lot of fun for students.

'It's really fun; a lot of people watch Jeopardy, but this time it's actually like doing it for real,' Norris said. 'Last year we doubled our team output, and this year they're hoping to attract even more people.'

Dana Haines, assistant director of Student Activities, said she believes College Bowl gives students a unique opportunity.

'It's an opportunity for students to prepare themselves for the world,' Haines said. 'Students get to practice reflexes, quick thinking and memory skills. It's always neat to see how some students have the mental capacity to store and quickly recall so much information.'

Last year, 14 teams from Baylor competed for the chance to go to regional competition, Haines said. This year, Student Union hopes to get 15 to 20 teams to compete.

Students interested in signing up for College Bowl can pick up an application in the Bill Daniel Student Center. The application process requires a $10 entry fee, and the deadline for entry is Nov. 12.

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