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BRH celebrates 50th at SingSpiration

Nov. 4, 1998



The Baylor Religious Hour choir will celebrate leading worship on the Baylor campus and in the world this year with its 50th anniversary homecoming concert.

BRH performs many concerts throughout the semester, but their special event honoring the BRH alumni is SingSpiration. The concert will be held at 7:30 p.m. Friday at First Baptist Church of Waco.

'The service will be a hymn sing that involves both the choir and the community,' said Rebecca Kennedy, director the BRH choir. SingSpiration is coordinated by former member and director of the BRH choir Ron Bowles, who is currently the music and media minister for First Baptist Church of El Paso.

'I have directed the choirs for the past several years and this year I will help with the special performance of the alumni choirs,' Bowles said.

The alumni of the choir will also perform at SingSpiration. There will be two groups of performers, the choirs from 1948 to 1976 and the choir from 1976 to the present. These choir alumni will perform a select set of songs and will be honored at a dinner before the concert.

Baylor Religious Hour, an audition-only choir, was founded in 1948 by Dick Baker, a student involved in the Baptist Student Ministries. Baker sought students who had a commitment to the Lord when selecting members.

BRH now consists of 40 members and an instrumental praise team, and the members are have different degree plans. The choir sings at various churches and activities three to four weekends each month in Texas and neighboring states.

'We are like any other club on campus,' Kennedy said. 'We are self supportive by dues and a two week mission trip.'

Previous mission trips have been to Canada, Belize and Sweden, and last year the mission trip was to Denia, Spain. The choir worked at a school for grades 1-7, where they sang and taught English. They were housed in dorms on campus and in turn helped to beautify it by doing yard work. In the evening the choir gave concerts to the surrounding areas.

Tom Pierce, an Arlington senior and BRH member, said the experience gave him a greater understanding of how to share the gospel in a different culture.

Leann Boehr, a Carrollton junior and BRH member, said she will remember BRH as one of the most memorable experiences of her college career.

'I am constantly encouraged in my spiritual walk because of the people in the choir, who love and encourage me every day,' Boehr said.

This year's mission trip destination will be announced at SingSpiration.

Jayme Brock contributed to this story.

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