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Baylor student to release new CD of folk, rock

Nov. 3, 1998



Peter Doll does not want to be a rock star. He's not interested in all the glitz and glamour accompanying the stereotypical rock 'n' roll lifestyle, but focuses more on his music and how it speaks to people.

'I really don't care how successful I end up being,' Doll, a Dallas sophomore, said. 'I play music because it's fun, and I enjoy writing.'

Doll's upcoming independent release, 'Repeating Memories,' is tinged with classic folk story-telling charm, nodding to influences such as Bob Dylan, Caedman's Call and The Samples, but many other tones find their way into his style of playing.

'I'm influenced by everything from Nine Inch Nails to John Denver,' he said.

His distinctly rock 'n' roll approach to folk music yields superb results, forming a wonderful marriage between the two styles of music. Acoustic and electric guitars alike saturate his songs accompanied by heavy drum riffs and fat bass lines.

'It's not what I would call ground-breaking material, but I hope to start creating more complex music in the future,' he said.

Doll has been collaborating with a wide range of musicians for his first release such as Casey Burdette, a Dallas sophomore, and spending a lot of time recording at the Universal Rehearsal complex in Dallas.

'I'm hoping for a release date in early January or by Christmas if we finish the final mix in time,' he said. 'I'm going back into the studio pretty soon to complete vocal and lead guitar tracks.'

From soft, melancholy acoustic ballads to full-tilt rockers, the songs on 'Repeating Memories' are likely to strike a chord with variety of listeners and reflect Doll's deep appreciation for well-crafted melodies.

'I don't know if the songs are supposed to be happy or sad, just as long as they evoke some kind of emotion in people,' he said.

Many of the songs on the album recall Doll's feelings of leaving home for the first time and making a life for himself at college, a challenge everyone can identify with.

'A lot of the songs are reflective of the time when I started out at Baylor,' he said. 'It's a time when you move from being a kid to becoming an adult.'

Doll said his current plans involve playing at local coffee houses like Common Grounds and hopes to eventually play larger venues like Scruffy Murphy's.

'I want to put a band together pretty soon to start playing some gigs,' he said. 'I've talked with Phil Pritchett (a Spring, Texas, senior) about playing some shows together, and I hope to set that up in the future.'

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